Squidoo Lens Creation

Squidoo Lens Creation

You might have noticed many business websites having a Squidoo Lens. What is it and how does it help your site in getting better conversions?

What Is Squidoo Lens?

Squidoo is a website where you can go and create your own page. You can put different aspects of your site in this page. It can be used to add information on products or services, give pictures, videos, make sale announcements etc. It is a space where you can give the most interesting details of your site or online business and make it stand apart.

How Does It Benefit You Business?

Squidoo Lens is a very powerful link building tool. It is very effective in creating multiple one-way links. Whenever you put a post here, it is linked to your site. You can tag the posts and people who want information can use Squidoo Lens to search for it. Squidoo Lens can be searched using search engines also, which enables people to easily access your site and find the information they want from it.

Having Squidoo Lens benefits your online business in so many ways. It will increase your site's search engine rankings as the posts here link to it. With many links arriving at your site, search engines will display it on top of search results, which will bring good exposure to your online business. You can also use the Squidoo page to make announcements of your products or services.

We Can Create A Fabulous Squidoo Lens That Will Popularize Your Online Business Quickly

Hire us to create your Squidoo Lens and give your business attention and focus. We offer:

Squidoo page with an appealing structure that will induce people to visit it
Squidoo Lens page created by experts in the field
Lens page with unique and informative articles along with high quality images relevant to the content
Keywords will be used in the content to optimize it for search engines
Squidoo page with high quality videos on your brand's products or services. We can create the videos for you, else you can send us a video that you would like uploaded
Squidoo Lens page will be promoted through various social bookmarking sites which will bring your site thousands of links

Search engines especially Google prefer Squidoo Lens. They crawl and index it fast and Squidoo pages are displayed in the top listings of all search engines. Through our Squidoo Lens creation services, your site will get more visibility, which increases traffic volume, that will in turn fetch the conversions you expect.